Victory Christian Center (VCC) is a vibrant young church, founded in 2001, whose people seek growth, fulfillment and lasting success in life by following the Word of God. We desire to live more purposefully, love more unconditionally, laugh more freely, and impart a rich legacy for the next generation.

We are not a “religious bunch” as far as following rituals or man-made rules go. However, we identify the Godly principles that lead to success in life and impart them to our people. We also recognize that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Teacher, and that kingdom ministry involves signs, wonders and miracles that demonstrate the power of God.

It is VCC’s goal that our people – of all ages – learn to continuously walk in faith and victory by using the Word of God and the principles of faith. We believe this is best accomplished in an atmosphere surrounded by people who love you, where believers are regularly challenged to grow and mature in their Christian life, and where they are called upon to do the works of Jesus. We are a people committed to living full and exciting lives, because we are a part of a work as big as God Himself.

Our perspective of the gospel is that it is one of blessing and benefit. We believe that life is not meant to be left to the operation of chance, but to the fulfillment of the promises of God.

Our vision at VCC is to produce victorious disciples – therefore our vision statement: A training center to equip believers how to Live, Love, Laugh and Leave a Legacy – God’s way.

Our objective is to have others join us – especially those who are “spiritually homeless” or without a current church home, those who desire to see more of the blessings and benefits of God in their lives. Praise and worship, usually a contemporary format, is a big part of our Sunday morning services.

If your desire is to grow with Christ and discover what God’s Word has to say, we invite you to come. We believe you will be blessed.